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Poetry Slam Concerns (And Other Thoughts That Ran Off From That)

I really should be practicing the poems I entered.
It's just that for one of them, the performance just kind of writes itself. The semi-serious indignity in the poem is very emotional and dramatic- and funny, so I don't have to worry about over-acting, or not being subtle enough. One of them I could in my sleep. The other one....I don't know. I have no excuse not to practice that.
I guess I just hate practicing at home- not because I'm lazy, but because my parents are there.
I've always been one of those kids who have to make their parents happy, and get crushed if they don't.
I remember in sixth grade, I had to write a monologue to perform in drama class. It was about how a kid had done something or other wrong so was now in quite the fix- and was trying to figure out how to solve it without their parents' involvement. (Something I do all of the time. Most of time, it works out okay)
One of the lines I had written had been something like:, 'what if my parents find out? What if they're angry at me? What if they yell at me? What if they're disappointed?'. I got my paper back with a comment in red marker: 'The only thing your character is afraid of is getting yelled at? That's unrealistic. Kids and teenagers first concern is getting grounded, or otherwise punished. I want believable characters!' . And of course, when I have to tell my parents something I wish I didn't have to, getting yelled at or having them upset at me, is my first concern....I kind of felt the way I did when I ran myself though a Mary-Sue test, and it reported to me that I was a Mary-Sue. Lol.
My whole getting-really-upset-if-parents-aren't-perfectly-happy-with-me thing, is also why I wasn't spanked hard when I was little. I always felt I was, but when I was older, I had mentioned that to my mother, and she gave me a very odd look. She told me that for me, she barely had to pat me, because I was so upset already. And I tended to be a very well-behaved child in the first place.
So that's why I don't practice at home. I don't want my parents or siblings to hear me, because I couldn't handle it if they didn't like it...I'll find some other way to practice....
I also should have told my teachers awhile ago that I'll be out for the entire day. (The way we do poetry slams at our school, is this:
1. Student enters in a few poems
2. Poems are checked to make sure no profanity or overt sexual references exist.
3. Student gets permission from fourth period teacher to go meet with local poets and the two English teachers running the event in the theater, the day before the slam. There we are given suggestions about how to improve our poems, which of them we should perform, and suggestions as to how we should perform it.
4. First thing in the morning, all poetry slammers meet in the theater, and the poetry slam goes on all day. If you're a slammer, you can stay all day to watch all your competition- if you're not, you have to rely on the expectation that at least one of your teachers will take you to see it one period. )
I like it that way. The only problem is that we have to alert our teachers preferably a few days in advance, so we can get permission to miss their period. If you don't get permission, and have to return for one class, if your name is called while you're there, you don't get to perform.
The slam is on Tuesday, so I can still do it Monday, but I wish I had remembered to do it earlier. My Honors English teacher will definitely let me, because she loves the poetry slam, and she personally spends the entire day with her classes there anyway. My Writing teacher will also certainly let me, for several reasons:
1. I am her pet.
2. She thinks I'm an amazing writer.
3. She nagged me to write a poem because she thinks I'm great, even though I was pretty uninspired at the time.
4. She runs the poetry slam.
I do have to worry about my math and French teachers, though. I have an 'A' in math and I'm Ms. G's pet, but she HATES people missing her class. She's one of those teachers who thinks her class is more important then everyone else's- even though she has such horrible control over the class, which means that typically we never learn anything. However, she's also best friends with Mrs. Bernhard, my H. English teacher, who as I previously mentioned, is a huge fan of the slam.....maybe she can convince her....And I am really ahead in that class. She has no good reason to tell me not to go....
French is different, though. Not only am I fairly sure that Ms. Bitgood hates me (or at least dislikes me) I also have no idea what I have in her class. I've been getting A's all semester, but on one of her pop-tests (yeah- pop-tests) I got a 'C'. I also got an A on another one, and a 'B-' on the third, so maybe that'll average out a bit...I've also been doing all my homework, and getting good grades on classwork, so it still might be an 'A', but I'm not sure...
And if she thinks I need extra help in French, there's no way she's letting me skip out on her class...
Although, I suppose I can always tell her that one of my poems is about Marie Antoinette, a famous queen of France, and another has a reasonable amount of French words in it, and references to French culture....
Ah well. What will be, shall be....


Good luck!

Thank you! =)