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Extremely Happy

The Highlight of My Year

I'm not kidding. I was going to say 'the highlight of my day' but that wouldn't be giving it enough credit, given that most of today was pretty bad. So I started thinking, and I realized- this is the best thing that has happened to me since September.
And I've had a pretty awesome semester.
So: Tomorrow is the poetry slam. Today, we went into the theater to go meet with a group of seven other slammers and a local poet, so they can help us get our poems ready.
First good thing: My local poet was one of my favorite poets of all time. So already it was starting off pretty good.
And then I begin listening to the other poets, and I get the feel of how this works. They read a poem, she closes her eyes and nods along with the beat- if she really likes something, she makes a noise to indicate it. Afterwords, she corrects everything she can to make it better.
I'm the second to the last person to go- I tell her I have two poems, and that I can't decide which to perform. She tells me just to read whichever I want first, so I read 'Six'.
She kept making those noises as I read it- those happy, wonderful, noises. And when I was done, she said that 'Six' was my poem, definitely. She was enthusiastic, she was happy- she made it clear mine was her favorite, without directly saying so. She tells me to change nothing at all.
Which would have been enough, because I think she's INCREDIBLE. Oh my fucking gosh. For her to even mildly approve of anything I write would make my day....
And then she compares it to my absolute favorite of her poems.
I can't remember being this happy in a very long time.
I floated home.



A day made in heaven!

That'll be something to cherish for a dang long time!

It must be a truly special feeling to have such confidence from your favourite poet behind you. ^-^
It is! *squee*
I lost in the slam, though. Not even an honorable mention...Oh well. I can always enter in next year. ..