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The Joys of Not Trying to Write Something Publishable

   I used to write whatever I wanted, and the Reality hit me, and I came to the conclusion that my stuff isn't particularly marketable. So, I decided I should write something else, something that would sell, first and then have fun.
I've been trying to do that for over a year, and who knows how many first chapters have been written in that time about things that I only halfway care about.
I mean, some of them really were good. I've had people plead with me to continue them, so it wasn't a total waste, but still.
In any case....for the first time in a long time I'm back to writing my old...everything. I've gone back to planning a huge novel, instead of a skinny one. (I've been told a first-time author never can publish a long novel) I've gone back to my old style, which is more formal and serious, even though funny and informal are quicker books to get into. I've gone back to writing historical fiction, too.
I've also let myself be free to write whatever I want, whether or not a comment will be popular.
I really expected to have a hard time getting into it- but as soon as I started, it felt natural. Like I had taken a really long, C-grade, vacation and was finally coming home...And I feel like it's good. I am so happy.
I've also gone back to having a very mentally unstable narrator, who's rather unreliable! Yes! I missed that so much....
I promise to never to make an effort to write something just because it's marketable again. *squee*



I know. I'm flying, and I'm writing it so quick. And I'm using my favorite couples I ever created for a role-play...But I couldn't force Charlotte and Evie into one of my old heartless novels. This is different..They thrive so well in here, mostly because they love each other so much, and are both mature enough to accept each other's million very annoying, destructive flaws.
I love being able to use extremely flawed but very /good/ characters.
I hate those books where the characters are either perfect, or else their just bastards/bitches that don't deserve the reader's love.
Was that a long little mini happy rant?