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Very Upset

Insomnia and Hallucinations

 I probably need to start off by explaining a few things...
1. It's 6:30 in the morning as I type this, and I've been up since two. I got four hours of sleep last night, and have given up entirely on getting any more.
2. In a suburb close to mine, an arsonist set fire to ...I believe a few homes...two people died.
3. I'm bipolar, and we occasionally suffer from hallucinations in any case.
So. Restful night last night.
Somewhere in between hearing really, eerie otherworldly sounds all night and trying to decide if they were a) hallucinations, since I've been manic as of late, b)the house being odder then usaul, c)someone unlawfully entering our house, or d)the arsonist, and thinking about how this pyromaniac kid was messing around, and two people DIED for that , my brain never really settled down enough to sleep.
(It's dramatic, but...it was/is dark, and they were extremely eerie noises. You know how it is maybe...?)
Gosh. I just keep thinking...What kind of idiot, schmuck, baka, loser, bastard, putz, creep goes around setting houses on fire?! I really hate- and I hate people so rarely- people who think life is just some fucking video game. That all of humanity is horrible just because they are, and therefore lives don't matter. I hate the idea that life is worth nothing, so you might as well take it if it heightens your experience a little bit.
I kind of understand crimes of passion. Of course they're terrible, I'm not saying they aren't, but the murderer lost control- they never thought life was irrelevant. Even planned, premeditated murder, as dispicable as that is,  is better then random slaughter. At least then they're admitting that life is important enough to consider doing something with- even if it's taking it.
Setting fire everywhere because you think it's fun- and if people die, so what, who cares?
That's disgusting.