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So Exhausted

School was rough today. Still, it'd be alright, if I had been able to get home at a normal time.
But no, because I had stupid Amnesty International today, which I go to purely out of guilt alone. The senior girls talk down to me, and the atmosphere is uncomfortable. Not only that, but we never do anything that I feel really has helped someone else.
Except when we fund raise. That's why I go, actually. As stereotypical as it sounds, I think cold, hard, cash is the best thing we can do for some of the countries and organizations out there. All the speeches and talking about how terrible it is, and all of the damn letter writing, don't amount to anything at all.
(Honestly, what kind of brutal dictator cares what a group of teenage girls think about the way he treats his people?)
So that was forty-five minutes, which isn't that bad.
But then I had to wait in the lobby of the hospital my mother works at for a good three hours, which means it's six by the time I'm home.
And hating that I can't drive, and that my mother won't let me get rides from seniors.



I would love to have a friend come with me, but...most of my friends are kind of 'chill'. You know- the types that are ultra-cynical and think that nothing anyone does is helpful or purely good. (And if it's not perfect, sheesh, why bother doing it, even if it's mostly good? *sarcasm*)
Except my friend Rose, who I also have a mad crush on. But she has Poetry Club on Thursdays, and she loves it like crazy.

I'm going to start only going to A.I. once a month, that way I get fund-raising updates, without having to deal with the other stuff.

I wish I was making someone else's day...I'd go then. My issue is that I don't think -a lot of time- we really are.